Towards NPC simulation

So, now that simulations now run acceptably, we need to move on from simulations to (well, simulated) reality. There’s a still big list of todos:

  • Implement turn system (I have an older implementation, so it’s not completely from scratch, maybe)
  • World occasionally generates adventure locations (dungeons)
    • Nearby cities could spread rumours about them
  • Basic city-related AI
    • City occasionally spawns quests (think town hall bulletin, paid work)
    • Factions occasionally spawn quests (guild advancement)
    • Inns occasionally spawn rumours (quests with great rewards that might or might not be true – still thinking about this)
  • Basic NPC AI
    • Actions in a city…
      • Buy rations
      • [?] Rest/heal. But maybe that will be automatic
      • Check city/faction/inn quests.
      • Meet up people at an inn and form parties
    • Actions in a dungeon…
      • Progress with an encounter
      • Flee
    • Actions in the wilderness…
      • Move towards destination (be it a city, a dungeon or an NPC/party)
        • (hmm maybe I need to consider party vs party fight simulation)
    • Actions anywhere…
      • Set destination (dungeon, city, party, etc)
    • Decision making
      • Estimate quest difficulty (expected survival. Also try to see what skills are required and compare to own skills)
      • Estimate quest importance (based on personality and goals. Rogues like gold, Paladins like righteous stuff, etc)
      • Estimate if enough rations for a quest can be purchased
  • Ability to track particular NPCs/parties (in terms of location in world map and logging)


The turn/time system will be the first in the list, as actions and AI all utilize the concept of time

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