The below is a first stab at the intro. Every paragraph will be accompanied with a pan-and-zoom image.

“Since the dawn of time, every few centuries, a species becomes sentient. The change is swift; the causes unknown.

The newly sentient race, in its transition to self-discovery, attempts to assert dominance to ensure its survival.

The result has always been a Great War, fought against the rest of the sentient species… Us.

Sages of our time have named this phenomenon as “Transcendence”, and is regarded as the greatest mystery that we have ever known.
As the world is in conflict, heroes from every possible background have embarked in adventures to attempt to solve this mystery.
Many have died. Others were never seen again.
A few returned deranged, delirious, muttering about the coming of the time of Gods.

The mystery of Transcendence has always fascinated you, almost as much as adventuring.
When you became of age, you decided to pursue it.
Your destiny lies out there in the world, and beyond. Find the source of Transcendence”